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It's so easy to sell Xbox One consoles & games with musicMagpie

It’s so easy to sell your Xbox One with musicMagpie: get an instant price using our valuation engine, pop it in a box and send it using one of our FREE send options. You can sell Xbox One games at the same time too.

The Xbox One is one of the most powerful games consoles available, offering incredible graphics and incredible games. But it’s more than just a games console; it’s an entertainment hub, letting you watch movies, listen to music and surf the web from one device.

While these features have proven popular, they’ve also caused controversy among gamers who feel Microsoft have ignored the gaming side of the console. This has led to many switching sides and buying a PS4.

If you want to buy a PS4, or just don’t get to play your Xbox One as often as you’d like, musicMagpie is the easy way to trade in your Xbox One.

You can get an instant price for your Xbox One by entering it into our valuation engine. You can enter all your games at the same time too, giving one price for your console and your games.
Once you’ve got your price, pop your console into a box (you can even send it in the original box).

Then, send it to us with one of our convenient FREE send options. We'll then pay on the same day your items arrive by bank transfer, PayPal or cheque - the choice is yours! Why wouldn't you? 

The musicMagpie Price Promise

With any Xbox One trade in, we promise to pay you the first amount we offer for your Xbox One. If we don’t, we’ll send it back to you for FREE.

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