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Sell PSP consoles with musicMagpie!

musicMagpie is the easiest way to get cash for your stuff, so if you’re looking to sell PSP consoles then musicMagpie gives you cash that you could put towards an upgrade or to spend on whatever you want! It’s free to use and it’s really simple to do. PSP trade ins have never been so easy.

Originally released by Sony back in 2005, the PSP was Sony’s attempt to grab a slice of the hand-held gaming market. It worked too thanks to the PSP’s power and, more importantly, it offered users something they’d never had before; the opportunity to get to grips with the top PlayStation games on the go.

The PSP quickly took off and over seventy million of them were sold worldwide with gamers enjoying the hand-held console’s quick speeds and advanced graphics.

Even the PSP wasn’t immune to advances in tech however and Sony soon announced the next device in the series; the PS Vita.

If you think the time has come to upgrade your PSP or PS Vita, , musicMagpie makes it really easy for you to do just that – and not only that, but you can sell your PSP games at the same time, all in one simple and free transaction.

All you have to do is pop your PSP into a box, any box, along with the rest of your unwanted stuff, and then send it to us for FREE. 

When you trade in your PSP, we'll pay you on the same day it arrives by bank transfer, PayPal or cheque. Why wouldn't you? 

musicMagpie – why wouldn't you? 

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What model PSP do I have?

If you’re unsure what model you have then start out by looking at your handheld device – if you see PS Vita written under the screen then you’re selling a PS Vita and you’ll need to check the back for a SIM card slot. If there is a SIM Card slot then you’re selling a PS VITA 3G & WiFi Model, if not then you’re selling a PS VITA Wi-Fi only model.

If you’re not selling a PS Vita then you’ll see PSP under the screen.  To find out what PSP you have then please refer to your console’s original packaging.