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It's super easy to sell Logitech Accessories with musicMagpie!

How do I sell Logitech Accessories?

  1. To trade in your Logitech accessories, simply tell us what item you want to sell(for example, a Pro Gaming Mouse) and select its condition.

  2. Then pack your item and anything else that you’re selling and send it to us for FREE!

  3. We’ll pay you the same day your item arrives via Bank Transfer, PayPal or cheque

Why should I sell Logitech Accessories with musicMagpie?

When you recycle your Logitech accessories, you’re helping the environment! Electronics account for up to 70% of toxic waste in landfills. Around 80% of the UK’s e-waste is shipped to emerging and developing countries. Workers that dismantle e-waste are exposed to toxic materials such as nickel and mercury-  they leak into the air, ground, drinking water and cause health problems. 

Trading in your Logitech accessories means that you’re reducing their environmental impact, so make sure to recycle your Logitech accessories responsibly with musicMagpie!  

When you trade in your Logitech accessories with us we’ll offer the best possible price alongside our Tech Price Promise. This means you’re guaranteed to get the first price we offer for the item or we’ll send it back to you for FREE.  


How do I sell Logitech Accessories for the best price?

We’ll always offer the best price we can for your tech accessories, but here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re getting the best possible price:

  • Complete a Logitech trade in as soon as possible! This is to make sure the value of your tech accessory doesn’t go down.

  • Lock in the price! We’ll lock in the price of your item for 21 days so you’ve got enough time to make your decision.

  • Look after your item! The better the condition of your Logitech accessory, the more we will pay for it.

Which Logitech Accessories can I sell?

There is a range of Logitech accessories we accept for recycling. To find out if we’re buying the model you want to sell, check the top of this page or search for it with our valuation engine.  We buy gaming mice and keyboards such as the PRO wireless gaming mouse, G900 Chaos Wireless and more.

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