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It's so easy to sell your iPod Touch with musicMagpie!

Has your iPod Touch taken a backseat to your iPhone? If you aren’t using it anymore, it’s time to make some money on it! musicMagpie will help you make some cash and recycle your iPod Touch.

Dubbed the ‘iPhone without the phone’, the iPod Touch is the only iPod th hasn’t been discontinued. Launched in 2007, the iPod Touch was a huge upgrade on the original iPod – it is so much more than just a device for music. The aptly named device allowed for touch screen controls, moving away from the famous click wheel; had scope to download for your favourite apps and had memory of up to 32GB.

As the iPod Touch evolved, so did the features! Later generations had cameras, came in a number of colours and had the help of Siri built in. The fourth and fifth generation iPod Touch use the now universal Lightning cables of the iPhone 5 model and above; and the fifth generation’s memory topped a huge 128GB.

With many of the earlier generations of iPod Touch being discontinued, it’s time to trade yours in for an upgrade. Or, if you aren’t using it like you used to, sell it to musicMagpie to make some cash from it!

Get an instant quote online when you trade in iPod Touch models. Just pop it into a box and send it to musicMagpie for FREE. When it arrives with us we’ll let you know and you’ll be paid on the same day!

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