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musicMagpie helps you make cash by giving you a quick and simple way to sell iPods that you don’t use anymore. So if you’re wondering ‘where can I sell my iPod?’, musicMagpie gives you a hassle-free way to make money online.

Very few tech items achieve iconic status but the iPod is definitely one of them. First unveiled by Steve Jobs in 2001, it completely revolutionised the music industry and gave people their entire music collection at their fingertips. Before the iPod came along, portable music looked very different; whether you had a Discman, a MiniDisk player or even a Walkman, it’s fair to say that the iPod changed everything.

Since its arrival, the iPod has come in many shapes and sizes; there’s the original iPod Classic, the ultra-portable iPod Nano, iPod Mini and iPod Shuffle, then there’s the iPod Touch which takes on a similar design to Apple’s iPhone.

As with most Apple Goods, the iPod is constantly being redesigned and reinvented with performance boosting features continually outstripping previous versions.

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What Model & Generation do I have?

To find out what model & Generation iPod you have, all you have to do is refer to your original packaging where you should find it listed.

What Size is my iPod?

Find out the size of your iPod by selecting Main Menu > Settings > General > About, then select Capacity. (On some older models you’ll need to tap Settings > General > About). The number shown here will be just short of either 8, 16, 32 or 64GB.

On some models the capacity is engraved on the metal case near the bottom on the back.

If you are having problems identifying the generation or size of your iPod then please refer to the original packaging or connect it to iTunes.