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Ready to upgrade from your Apple Watch Series 1? Sell it with musicMagpie! It’s easy; simply get an instant price, pack it into a box, send it for FREE and get paid the same day it arrives!

The Apple Watch Series 1 was Apple’s first attempt at a smartwatch and, unsurprisingly, it ended up leading the way. It was aimed firmly at the fitness crowd, offering users the ability to track their physical activity, measure their performance across various workouts and monitor their heart rate, stress levels and how many calories they burned.

Syncing with the iPhone, the Watch also provided incoming message and call alerts and let users pay for goods with Apple Pay. It was also the first major Apple product to offer personalisation beyond different colours, with three models – the Sport, Standard and Edition – to choose from and a whole range of bands.

Apple have released two more generations of Watch since the Series 1, each offering more features. With the price for both dropping, now may be the time to upgrade.

How to sell Apple Watch Series 1

Selling your Apple Watch Series 1 with musicMagpie couldn’t be easier. To start, get an instant price for your Watch Series 1 and anything else you’d like to sell. Then, pack your items into a box and send them to us for FREE.

Thanks to our Fast Same Day Payments, you’ll get paid the same day your items arrive by bank transfer, PayPal or cheque – the choice is yours. You can even donate the value of your order to charity!

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