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It's surprisingly easy to sell iPhone SE with musicMagpie

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How do I sell my iPhone SE?


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Sell your iPhone SE with musicMagpie!

musicMagpie is the fast, FREE and easy way to sell your iPhone SE for cash. It’s simple: get an instant price, pop it into a box and send it using one of our great FREE send options.

With the iPhone 6, Apple began making bigger devices with bigger screens. But while the 6 and the 6S have set sales records, not everyone was happy. In fact, a lot of people clung onto their iPhone 5S for the smaller screen.

Apple has finally responded with the iPhone SE, which crams the power of the iPhone 6S into a smaller device. It’s ideal for those who want the latest features – the A9 processor, Touch ID, Live Photos – with a 4 inch screen.

However, the iPhone SE definitely isn’t for everyone. The screen may be too small for some, while the specs will undoubtedly be improved upon with the iPhone 7. If you’re thinking of upgrading, or just want to switch back to a bigger screen, sell your iPhone SE with musicMagpie!

How much can you sell an iPhone SE for?

“How much can I sell my iPhone SE for?” we hear you ask? With musicMagpie, you can sell it for a fantastic price compared to other trade in programs. Keep in mind that valuations may change as newer phones get released, but we’ll always do our best to get you the price you deserve!

You can also sell your iPhone 5C or iPhone 5 with us too!

How can I sell my iPhone SE?

It’s really easy to sell an iPhone SE with musicMagpie! Just follow these steps:

  • Tell us the storage capacity and condition of your iPhone SE to get an instant price. You won’t have to deal with any auctions, fees or hassle!

  • Then, place your iPhone SE into any box you have lying around and send it using one of our FREE send options. 

  • Get paid the same day thanks to our Fast Same Day Payments via bank transfer, PayPal or Cheque!

Want to know more? Check out our how it works page. Join millions of happy customers and trade in your iPhone SE with us today!

How do I clear my iPhone SE before selling?

It’s super easy to clear your iPhone SE before selling. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Select ‘Settings’ and tap ‘iCloud’.

2. Click on your name.

3. Click on 'iCloud'.

4. Scroll down and click 'Find My iPhone'.

5. Turn Find My iPhone off.

6. Enter your Apple ID password.

Need more advice? Check out our full guide on how to clear your iPhone before selling!

Can I sell a broken iPhone SE?

Yes! As long as the phone itself is functional, you can sell a broken iPhone SE with heavy cosmetic damage to us. Find out more on our broken phones page!

How much is a broken iPhone SE worth? This heavily depends on market conditions too, but as long as the phone works, you’ll be in for a decent chunk of cash for your broken iPhone SE!

Why should I trade in my iPhone SE with musicMagpie?

Our best reason - we're the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service! Plus, our customers have rated us Excellent on Trustpilot, where we have over 140,000 reviews.

We've won lots of awards too, including  Best Recycling Service at the 2018 & 2019 TechRadar Mobile Choice Awards and the What Mobile Awards '16, '17, '18 & '19.

It’s always a good idea to trade in your old iPhone SE before upgrading. In fact - musicMagpie is the smartest way to upgrade! Plus, if you’re still sorting your upgrade, we’ll lock in your valuation for 21 days to give you plenty of time!

We buy a huge range of iPhone handsets including:

Save even more when you buy a refurbished iPhone from the musicMagpie Store. It's much cheaper than buying a new one. Plus you’ll get FREE delivery and a FREE 12 month warranty too!

The musicMagpie Tech Price Promise

We promise to pay the full amount we offer for recycling your iPhone SE or we’ll send it back to you for FREE!

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Selling your iPhone SE really is that easy!

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What Model and Generation do I have?

The easiest way to identify an iPhoen SE is using the original packaging. If you don't have the original packaging, you can usually tell by the design: it looks like a mix between an iPhone 5S and an iPhone 6 but with a 4 inch screen.
What Size is my iPhone?

You can find out your iPhone's capacity by selecting Main Menu > Settings > General > About, then select Capacity.The number shown here will be just short of either 16 or 64GB.
If you are having problems identifying the generation or size of your iPhone then please refer to the original packaging or connect it to iTunes.