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musicMagpie Corporate Recycling Programme

Our Corporate Recycling Program is a fast, free and easy way to recycle your company’s old smartphones and tablets responsibly.

Simply tell us what you want to recycle to get an instant price and we’ll arrange a free courier to collect your items. Once they arrive, we’ll recycle them responsibly and pay you.


Smart for the planet
Every item is recycled responsibly to reduce CO2 emissions, prevent pollution and save resources.


Your data is safe
We use Phonecheck, an industry-leading software technology, to erase all data safely and securely.


Fast, free and easy
It only takes a few minutes to value your items, we’ll arrange a courier collection and we offer market-leading prices too.

How does it work?


Check Your Email


Arrange Your Collection

Free Send

Prepare Your Items


Get paid or Donate to Charity

You’ll receive an email with details on how to arrange your collection, prepare your items and organise your payment or donation shortly. Please follow the instructions in this email to continue your order. For more information please download our CRP brochure below.

Download our CRP brochure

We’re the UK’s most trusted tech recycler

Millions of happy customers trust musicMagpie to recycle their unwanted tech. We’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot and we’ve won countless awards for our unrivaled service too.

Mobilenews Awards


Why It’s So Important to Recycle

E-waste is one of the biggest issues facing society, with approximately 49.8 million metric tons generated worldwide in 2018.

It’s estimated that the current rate of responsible e-waste recycling stands at just 15.5% globally, which means most of this waste goes to landfill or is exported to vast e-waste dumps in Africa and South-East Asia. E-waste contains nickel, cadmium and mercury, which pollute the air, ground and drinking water.

When you recycle with musicMagpie, you can rest assured that your old tech will be handled responsibly. We repair and refurbish the vast majority of what we receive, saving it from landfill and cutting CO2 emissions by reducing demand for new devices.

Recyled Responsibly

Did you know?

Building a new smartphone represents 85% to 95% of the device’s CO2 emissions for two years, mainly due to the mining of rare materials. Buying one new phone uses as much energy as recharging and operating a smartphone for ten years!


Recycling just one cell phone saves enough energy to power a laptop for 44 hours.


Recycling one million laptops could save enough electricity to power 3,657 homes.


Reprocessing an old device could save around 14 kilograms of primary resources and 58 kilograms of CO2.

We ensure your data is safe

We take data security seriously and have a number of WEEE and GDPR compliant measures in place to ensure your sensitive information is completely secure. These include:

• Automatically erasing all data on phones and tablets.

• Factory resetting and erasing all data from MacBooks.

Data erasure certificates for phones and tablets on request.

Secure courier collection service to ensure your items arrive with us safely.


Get cash to upgrade and donate to charity

We’ll offer an instant valuation for your items and pay you as soon as they’ve been processed. We can pay this money directly into your account, donate it to a charity of your choice or, alternatively, donate a portion to charity and pay the rest to you directly.

We do the hard work for you

We make recycling easy. We’ll collect your items for free and if you’re not sure what you’re selling, our expert team will identify your items for you. Simply tell us what you want to recycle, share a few details and we’ll do the rest!